Operations for constriction of the stomach

Longitudinal i.e. "sleeve" stomach resection is an operation, in the process of which the major part of stomach is removed in the form of a sleeve. What remains is a tubular stomach of diminished dimensions, accommodating much less food and rapidly generating the feeling of being fed to capacity.

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Suction-assisted fat removal i.e. liposuction

In its process the excess fat is removed from certain body areas, where it is hard to lose under impact of exercise and/or rigorous diet. Due to the fact that fat cells are removed during the procedure, it guarantees a permanent result.

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Abdominal wall plastic surgery

Abdominal plastic surgery is usually done by replanting the umbilicus (belly button). Incision of skin will be made from hip to hip in the area falling under bikini and around the belly button. The subcutaneous tissue is mobilised to the full extent, in case of need the muscles are stretched and the excess skin with subcutaneous fat tissue is removed.

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