Breast correction surgery

Pildid / Plastic-surgeon-Boucq-rep-007The shape and size of breast depends on many factors. The breast size may also change in the course or life (weight fluctuations, breastfeeding etc.). The objective of cosmetic surgery is to restore and improve the shape of the breasts. The most common form of breast operation is breast enlargement.

Breast enlargement involves using silicone implants. The surgeon and the patient choose the size and the shape of the implants together. A breast enlargement operation will not prevent later pregnancies or hinder breastfeeding.  

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By breast lift (mastopexia) and reduction surgery, we change the size and shape of breasts. During a breast lift, the areola is transferred to its proper place, whereby a part of skin and subcutaneous tissue is removed.  

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During a breast reduction operation, the size of the breasts is reduced and the shape and symmetry is changed.  In case of a breast reduction, there will be more than just one little operation scar, because the excess skin, fat tissue and often also the glandular tissue has to be removed. If the breasts are very large, there is a possibility of intertrigo under the breasts and the practice of certain sports can be more difficult.  Normally, very large breast also sag, because the heavy mammary glandular tissue and fat tissue cause the skin to stretch. After a breast reduction operation, it might not be possible to breastfeed any more.

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